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The Catalan Ministry
of Education has allotted
an schedule without teaching


Letter to the Minister of Education
Ministry of Education
Government of Catalonia, Spain

A government teacher *  of the Spanish Ministry of Education with definitive destination to the public school " IES Les Vinyes" of Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona) has allotted, during the present academic year 2004-2005, an schedule without teaching. This means an schedule without any teaching activity. In other words, a weekly schedule composed of 22 hours to be on guard duty and 2 hours to attend teacher meetings. This schedule has been entirely performed during the whole academic year 2004/2005 by a substitute teacher since the beginning of the mentioned academic year.
The didactic department to which belongs this goverment teacher is composed by 4 teachers more
(Isabel Sagimon Granados, Marisol Montes Lozano, Teresa Jané Illa i Luz Agudo Gutiérrez) with schedules that comply the regulation.

This schedule has been elaborated, reviewed and accepted under the knowledge and consent of the director of the School (Catalina Manrique Sala), the heads of studies of the school (
Nuria Requena Cerda and Carles Escrig Mañez), the inspector of the School (Rafael Alsina Dalmau) and the Territorial Delegate of Barcelona Comarques II (Jordi Roca Armengol).
At the beginning of the academic year (September 2004), the permanent teacher, with definitive destination, requested by means of officially registered document at a meeting with the General Director of Human Resources of the Ministry of Education of the Government of Catalonia (Montserrat Guri López), and on from that day to this our Publishing Company has any documentary evidence that the teacher has been officially attended. In order to this to be officially recorded, this schedule...:
1) Violates the fundamental rights of the teacher.
2) Does not permit the development of the professional work of the teacher, nor the execution of the functions by which the teacher was employed by the Ministry of Education and assigned as a teacher to the Territorial Delegations of Barcelona Comarques II.
3) Also violates, evidently, the article 4.1 of the Official Rules related to the Functioning Regime of Government Educational Centers which states:

The number of teaching hours of the teaching staff will not be less than 18 per week, except the recognitions of hours of lessons for the planned functions under current regulations.

Although members of the public school "IES Les Vinyes" and of the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia have tried to justify this schedule lacking systematically to the truth, a schedule of a professor without teaching hours wins the world record of the institutional fraud. To show more the scandal, during this course 2004/2005, a temporary teacher of the same didactic department had designated a part time schedule of 9 hours with teaching credits of the same specialty than the government teacher.
Check the Official Schedules:
Official Schedules

The motive of the creation of this schedule without teaching hours to a goverment teacher of maximum prestige is completely related to the Quintessence of the Pedagogical Fraud:

The inspector, heads of studies and director that were responsible for the elaboration of this schedule are still holding their positions.

For now, no comments...

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* No se escribe el nombre de la profesora aquí para evitar que salga relacionado con los participantes del escándalo en los buscadores de internet, aunque se puede identificar en el pdf de los horarios:
Horarios oficiales


Guàrdia = To be on guard duty / without any teaching activity with students.
R2 /RR = Teachers' meeting.
G. Biblio = Guard in the library.
H. extra (G) = Extra-hour guard.


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